Defining Gerrymandering and How It Affects US Politics

Defining Gerrymandering and How It Affects US Politics

Are you familiar with the different political terms in the country? One of the political terms you might be familiar with is gerrymandering. But, do you know what it means?

The Definition

Gerrymandering happens when politicians manipulate the boundaries of voting districts in favor of one party over another. This is why you might see congressional districts on the map that are oddly shaped.

This political action in America often happens almost every decade. Gerrymandering is how one party draws the boundary lines so they can have the advantage. That is how they stay as the ruling party in that area.

The Origin

The term gerrymandering first came into prominence in 1810. The then-governor of Massachusetts, Elbridge Gerry, drew a salamander-shaped district in the state’s northern part. This allowed Gerry’s party-mates to hold on to their seats. Combining Gerry and salamander led to “gerrymander” or “gerrymandering”.

The Result

Political parties are now aggressively drawing boundary lines to favor their own colleagues. This may leave the voting public with less choice, despite reading a lot of human rights article blogs that recognize their freedom to choose.

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