Human Rights Article in America


What Is MK-Ultra and Why It Should Matter?

MK-Ultra was the CIA’s(Central Intelligence Agency) massive mind-control experimental project that went on for over a decade in the 1950s. It was known for violating not only the human rights article but also other codes such as the...


Why the Youth Should Pay Attention to Politics

Encouraging the youth to pay attention to the political landscape of the country is a necessary political action in America. Everyone should support civic and political activity for teenagers. After all, the youth are also significantly...


How Criminal Cases Move Through the Court System

If you plan to make a political action in America, you need to be aware of some legal matters first. One of them is knowing how criminal cases move through the court system. What Is a Criminal Case? Criminal cases are those crimes...


The Basics of Democracy in the United States

When you hear the word democracy, the United States of America almost always comes into mind. Despite the ongoing political action in America, people across the world always look at the USA as the prime example of democracy. But what is...


A Guide on Equal Protection Clause in the U.S.

With all the happenings pertaining to political action in America, many people like you may be wondering if they will affect your exercise of basic civil rights. This is indeed a legitimate worry since civil rights ensure that people can take...


Defining Gerrymandering and How It Affects US Politics

Are you familiar with the different political terms in the country? One of the political terms you might be familiar with is gerrymandering. But, do you know what it means? The Definition Gerrymandering happens when politicians manipulate...

Raise Your Voice: Exercise Your Right to Vote

January 13, 2021

The general public chooses its leaders. Voting gives us the power to select the people in power who will listen to our qualms and help make sure that all our needs are met. It will also help us get rid Read More…