Interesting Facts You May Not Know About the Bill of Rights

Interesting Facts You May Not Know About the Bill of Rights

The first ten amendments of the United States Constitution is composed of the Bill of Rights. The United States Bill of Rights contains details about Americans’ rights concerning the government, which includes civil rights and liberties like religion and freedom of speech. As we celebrate the Bill of Rights Day on the 15th of December, this month’s human rights article will share interesting facts about the bill of rights you may be unaware of:

  • How many original copies exist?
    Congress commissioned 14 official copies of the bill of rights. One copy was given to the federal government while the rest were distributed among the 13 original states that were considered for ratification.
  • Who wrote it?
    Following the ratification of the Constitution in 1788, James Madison drafted the bill of rights. Madison assisted in drafting a large chunk of the original Constitution and ended up drafting 19 amendments that were proposed to Congress the following year. Out of 19, 12 were approved and sent to the states for ratification in the same year.
  • What inspired it?
    Similar to the Revitalize Book in America, the bill of rights is inspired by related documents. Madison is known to have drawn inspiration from the Virginia Declaration of Rights written by George Mason. The bill of rights is also inspired by the Magna Carta and echoes several constitutional amendments from the English Bill of Rights.

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