Lobbyists Are the People’s Voice

Lobbyists Are the People’s Voice

Lobby groups or lobbyists use political influence for the purpose of creating political action in America for a productive government. People involved in the said practice are making use of registered public campaigns to urge governments to put their public policy requests into action. Since lobbying is legal as per the U.S. Constitution, these groups are protected by the First Amendment Protection and Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995.

Some people perceive lobbying as bribery. But do you ever wonder why lobbying is legalized while bribery isn’t? You see, bribery only favors a specific group or individuals that ask for exceptions or special treatment. Lobbying, on the other hand, influences legislative actions that affect every citizen of America.

As per the human rights article, everyone has the right to be treated equally and have opportunities, which is why lobby groups help the government address the needs of all citizens. They represent the voices of those who can’t be heard since the attention of government legislatures are often pulled in different directions.

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