The Basics of Democracy in the United States

The Basics of Democracy in the United States

When you hear the word democracy, the United States of America almost always comes into mind. Despite the ongoing political action in America, people across the world always look at the USA as the prime example of democracy.

But what is democracy?

  • Defining Democracy Pertaining to the USA

    The country is a representative democracy. Citizens elect officials that run the government. They do so through their right to vote. The officials are the representatives of the people, airing the concerns and ideas of the ones they are representing to the government.

    In a democracy, the people have the right to choose who to vote for, along with any other human rights article. In most cases, these are the ones they think will address their needs once sworn in.

  • Criticism of U.S. Democracy

    In theory, democracy seems like the power is on the people. However, there are criticisms about the representative democracy that the U.S. is practicing.

    Many elected officials are becoming the very people who do not listen to their constituents. These representatives seldom, if at all, consult those they are supposed to represent.

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