The Tests for the Right of Equal Protection

The Tests for the Right of Equal Protection

Whatever your situation or social status, you have the right to equal protection under the law. Under the Fourteenth Amendment, the government is ordered not to deny “any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

  • The Test of Reason

    In the human rights article, an accused person has the right to due process. With the equal protection clause, a person is allowed to provide logical reasons for discrimination by proving that he or she is mistreated. However, in Graham v. Richardson (403 U.S. 365) case, classifications “like those based on nationality, or race, are inherently suspect and subject to close judicial scrutiny.”

  • The Test of Analysis

    Commonly called “strict scrutiny”, this test is done by a court to review any racial issues related to the equal protection clause. We are now facing racial discrimination in prisons, and we need to heighten the measures of protecting people of any race.

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If we are consistent in mobilizing political action in America, we can strengthen the rights of the prisoners whatever social status or race they belong.

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