What Is MK-Ultra and Why It Should Matter?

What Is MK-Ultra and Why It Should Matter?

MK-Ultra was the CIA’s(Central Intelligence Agency) massive mind-control experimental project that went on for over a decade in the 1950s. It was known for violating not only the human rights article but also other codes such as the Hippocratic oath and the Helsinki declarations.

It all began during the early period of the Cold War when the CIA was convinced that communists have discovered a drug or technique that would allow them to control human minds. They then came up with their own secret program.

It wasn’t just a singular project. It included 162 different secret projects indirectly financed by the CIA and were contract out to various universities, research foundations, and institutions. At least 80 institutions participated, many of them not knowing they were dealing with the CIA.

The experiment was known to have used various unwitting people as guinea pigs including prisoners, sex workers, and patients with terminal cancer. They were subjected to drug-use, electroshock, and other forms of abuse that would later bring long-term effects such as amnesia, shock, and even death.

Most of MK Ultra’s records have been destroyed in 1973 only leaving 8,000 pages of financial documents that could piece out what happened. However, nobody ever answered for the secret project. Two lawsuits were made related to the program but both protected the government over citizen’s rights.

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