What You Should Know About Civil Courts

What You Should Know About Civil Courts

Any human rights article blog will tell you that you have various rights. Other people have the same rights, too. Violations against these rights can lead to court cases. Which court will handle the case will depend on the circumstances of the situation.

  • The Civil Courts
    If you want to file a case against another person due to a dispute between the both of you, you sue them in a civil court. Any other legally recognized entity, such as a company or an agency, can also sue and be sued.
  • The Disputes that Civil Courts Handle
    Civil courts handle a variety of cases. These usually include disputes that revolve around money, debt, and property. But, they can also handle housing issues, such as evictions and foreclosures, as well as divorce, child custody, and child support.
  • The Decisions that Civil Courts Make
    Any political action in America will have a resulting consequence. This also holds true with the decision-making of civil courts. A civil court may order the losing party to pay money to the other side, along with other charges. They may even order such party to return a disputed property.

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