Who Are Whistleblowers and What Do They Face After?

Who Are Whistleblowers and What Do They Face After?

Whistleblowers are integral to the health of the government, the economy, and the public. They are those that report waste, fraud, abuse, violation of the human rights article, corruption, or dangers to public health and safety to someone in the position to rectify the wrongdoing.

Whistleblowers have been responsible for exposing big cases such as the Watergate scandal, failures of the Vietnam war, the secret Swiss bank accounts, and even the health dangers of nicotine and tobacco products.

They usually work inside the organization where the wrongdoing is taking place or are competitors of those responsible for the wrongdoing. Given how these cases can expose a company, government officials, or even an entire agency and they work close to these, whistleblowers face danger from people who would like to stop them from exposing the truth.

There are laws in place to protect and reward whistleblowers such as the false claims act, Dodd-Frank act, wildlife whistleblower laws, IRS whistleblower law, whistleblower protection act (WPA), and others. However, a lot of whistleblowers are not aware of these laws. Also, these laws are often too complicated. For example, under the WPA, federal employee whistleblowers were not eligible for protection if they were not the first person to disclose the misconduct or if they blew the whistle while carrying out job duties.

These laws are still being revised in order to protect whistleblowers and improve the whistleblowing process.

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