Why the Youth Should Pay Attention to Politics

Why the Youth Should Pay Attention to Politics

Encouraging the youth to pay attention to the political landscape of the country is a necessary political action in America. Everyone should support civic and political activity for teenagers. After all, the youth are also significantly affected by the political situation of the country. More importantly, it is the youth who can greatly impact the political landscape of the years to come.

Here are some of the reasons why the youth should show political awareness:

  • Protect Civil and Human rights
    The youth have the vigor and community to demand equal protection under Civil Rights Laws and Human Rights concepts. Fair minded and politically oriented persons, including a strong youth movement, can help call out those persons and practices that violate Civil and Human Rights.
  • Become an informed voter
    Studying the issues, and knowing the limited Civil Rights and Human Rights guarantees set out in the U.S. Constitution will allow youthful and mature voters to know the difference between sham politicians making hollow promises and those who really want to maintain and expand Civil and Human Rights.

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