Contract for Congress


United States Congress

House of Representatives or Senate

THIS CONTRACT is between ____________________________, a candidate running for election to the Congress of the United States of America. The purpose of this contract is to bind me, the candidate, and if elected, the office holder to undertake the following: As a candidate for Congress of the United States, I pledge to Revitalize America by acting to implement laws and Constitutional provisions that bring meaning to the promises made to the American people in the Preamble to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
  1. To faithfully support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
  2. Before proposing, amending, or voting for any new law or regulation, I will review the law, regulation, or action thoroughly and measure its intent against the promises set forth in the Preamble in the Constitution of the United States.
  3. To never vote for any measure or withhold my vote in any way that would cause debt for my government to be created without establishing adequate taxes, fees, or financing mechanisms to pay off the debt.
  4. To never offer, support, or be part of any movement that endorses or accepts not paying the debts of the government or allowing any type of default on the debt of the government.
  5. To always support and demand equality in the application of the laws and regulations so that no person is given an advantage because of their position in society, their wealth, or government position and never assist in the passage of any law or regulation which discriminates or places any group of people in a disadvantageous position or status.
  6. To work diligently to pass laws and regulations to preserve and advance human rights in the United States of America and the world, including providing fair payment to all persons who have suffered illness, sickness, deformity, or loss of property as a result of actions by the government or its contractors and further to restrict any attempts to make the government or any official of the government immune or like a king by granting sovereign immunity.
  7. To work to expand and reform the Supreme Court of the United States so that it will have enough members to justly and thoroughly give consideration to more than one percent of the cases appealed to it. Currently, the Court only takes up on average 70 cases of the 7 – 8000 cases appealed to it annually. The court should have at least three divisions of nine members each, and it should include professionals other than lawyers, such as doctors, architects, and physicists, to accurately evaluate scientific cases. The members of the Court should also be nominated by a non-partisan body so true justice can be achieved, instead of rendering politically motivated decisions.
  8. To prohibit the use of the “adversary” system in the courts and other judicial actions. The adversary system is not designed to reach a just decision, but it favors plaintiffs or defendants who can hire dream teams to represent them. The system favors the more well-known, the wealthier, and the more powerful. Juries should be allowed to ask questions of the plaintiffs and defendants during the trial. If the parties to either a civil or criminal action are substantially unequal in wealth, fame, or social status, a court master must be appointed. The master’s duties include making sure that the disadvantaged party, in both original and appellate jurisdiction, has equal access to evidence-gathering methods equal to the advantaged party and is provided with expert witnesses equal to those of the advantaged party. Our justice system should not contain a process that allows the more powerful to overwhelm the average person in a legal dispute. There can be no justice for the waitress who is the plaintiff in a trial against a national pharma corporation.
  9. To pass laws that empower the legal residents of the United States of America to convene a grand jury by petition. The grand jury shall have multi-jurisdictional power, and the state and federal prosecutors must work with the grand juries to seek evidence. If the grand jury issues an indictment, then the prosecutor must prosecute the case using all diligence and ethical standards.
  10. To always work to adopt the budget of the United States on time.
  11. To always work to make the appropriations of the United States Government on time and to always fund government programs so the program functions as intended and not mock the people by creating a program that doesn’t function because it is underfunded.
  12. To work to maintain the rules of the House of Representatives and the Senate so they function as a democracy and not favor blocking legislation through rules, such as a “Hold” where one member can block legislation or the “Filibuster” where a small minority of the members can delay legislation or require a supermajority to pass legislation. Both bodies should function as democracies governed by simple majority votes and rules supporting simple majority rule.
  13. To never vote to approve or maintain legislation that abolishes or authorizes the elimination or protections of Habeas Corpus. Any person taken into custody by or in the name of the United States government or any of its states or local governments must appear publicly before a court to be read the charges against them within seventy-two hours of detention. Secret imprisonment, detention, or authorization of “rendition” should never be part of the laws or actions of the United States of America.
  14. To create within the Federal Criminal Code a new Federal crime which makes it a felony to cause any person to be deprived of a Constitutional Right or for any public official to act against the oath of office to support the Constitution of the United States of America. The penalty for such deprivation shall be a minimum of ten years in prison. This new constitutional crime is a crime against the people.
  15. To never vote to grant the government, any representative, or contractor, be they individual or corporate, sovereign immunity. No person in government, its agents, representatives, or contractors should be treated like a king. Everyone must be answerable for their negligence, gross negligence, and willful acts which cause damage to others.
  16. To put the essence of the Nuremberg Code into United States Law by establishing laws prohibiting any testing of any kind on any human without the full informed consent of the person being used as a test subject. Any person or organization conducting tests on human beings without the signed written consent of the person being tested shall be guilty of a felony and subject to imprisonment for a minimum of ten years.
  17. To vote against any economic or military aid for any country or group that deprives persons within their control of their human rights, including, but not limited to, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and habeas corpus.
  18. To recognize that all human beings deserve full human rights protection and that they cannot be discriminated against; that they will not be unduly burdened by the government, or their needs ignored by the government and that the government shall not incorporate into law any religious practice which forces any one religious belief on the population of the country. As set forth in the Preamble, it is the government’s duty to bring tranquility and happiness to the nation.

Entered into this _______ day of ________________ in the year of __________________

Candidate for ______________________________________________________________



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