Myth Or Lie

Revitalizing America is a book and at the same time a new “Declaration of Independence.” Just like the original Declaration, it not only incorporates a long list of grievances citing the wrongs committed against the people, but it also incorporates the long-standing principles most Americans believe exist. Just as the colonists had many “crimes” committed against them by the king, Americans have been victimized over and over again by a system that is frequently deceptive, destructive, and unjust. Our representative democracy has been wrested away from the people; it has become tarnished through misuse and disfigured by large special interests that use the government for their own purposes. Those who are supposed to represent all the people end up being the beneficiaries of fabulous dinners in fancy clubs. They then introduce legislation that favors their hosts that grants billion-dollar tax breaks or imposes restrictions on their business competitors. The vast majority of the population is forgotten and has no practical mechanism other than election of different representatives to intervene or make the process more democratic.

Many U.S. residents believe that the broad statements of freedom and democracy about our system of government are actually written into law. Yet one of the most firmly held beliefs that we have “a government of, by and for the people” has never been incorporated into a statute and has rarely been cited as a reason for reaching a decision in the courts. When most Americans are asked to recite something from the Constitution, they will recall those famous lines from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

So, the challenge today is to recognize that the Constitution and its drafters are mainly eighteenth-century creatures, and steps must be taken in the dawning of the twenty-first century to accomplish two major tasks. First, the beliefs of the people made through repeated promises found in an “American myth” must become fundamental law of the land. If these promises don’t become operative law, then people will continue to lose faith in the government and subcultures will continue to develop. These subcultures will mainly subvert organized government and the social fabric. Tax evasion is already rampant. More small businesses deal in cash now than ever before, and the purpose is obvious. Second, the barter system is also designed to avoid easy identification of the transfer of value. Those average Americans who abandon the law do so, because they’ve lost the dreams they had that were supported by the myth made up of the phrases “liberty and justice for all,” “equal protection” and “inalienable rights.”

Here Are More Ways to Lobby the Government

May 25, 2021

Lobbying is a critical process of giving voice to the government to create laws and programs that are focused on the welfare of a great number of people, especially the minorities. Lobbyists work night and day to ensure the passage of a law protecting a particular group of people or political ideology, such as the … Continue reading