Talking to Children about Race, Racism, and Inequality

 Talking to Children about Race, Racism, and Inequality

Racism, inequality and civil disobedience may seem daunting topics that many parents may feel afraid to broach. However, experts say it is essential to touch and address these topics. Annette Nunez, a psychotherapist in private practice said, “If we brush it under the carpet… the message we are giving to our children is racism doesn’t exist…”

So, how can we effectively talk to them about these topics? Here are three tips brought to you by Revitalizing America, the reliable Revitalize Book in America.

  1. Ask them what they know.
    Start with asking what they know about the issue or topic by asking open-ended conversations. They may know more than we think or they may have bits and pieces of misinformation about the topic that needs to be sorted out. Also, keep the conversation going by letting them feel that they can always come back to you on this tough but important subject.
  2. Teach about Racism.
    It is important that during the conversation/s, they will know about the struggles of so many different races and cultures across history. When they understand the struggles of others, it teaches them not only to be respectful to others but also to have greater empathy for them.
  3. Lead by example.
    Children are perceptive, and our actions can speak louder than words. It is important to be mindful of jokes, ignorant comments about others, as well our responses to issues on gender, race, sexuality, and many more.

Let us collectively help improve this nation by doing our part and taking Political Action in America.

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